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My name is AVERY ALEXANDER a Artist from Los Angeles, CA. My life's mission is to get out my thoughts by articulating my positive views and leading by example for others. I found through photography and colors a way to properly display my visions. So, everyone can see how I view the world; this earth.



Arts Enthusiast Movement

Through faith, understanding, my travels, trials and tribulations. I found myself and grew an immense appreciation for all life. Now I believe it's time to show all THE COLORS OF MY SOUL. Thank you.



I successfully launched my brand January 2016. All products are available here on my website WWW.THISISMEAVERY.COM


My first real accomplishment was letting my music speak for itself. I wrote a heartfelt song titled "Scarlet Letter" and the best part about it, I did it with my family. My brother "The Evan Palmer" is my primary beat maker and producer. My mother is my number one vocalist. I have countless of talented family members. So, I never have to look for the next big talent. I already know them. All I had to do was create material for them to properly display there talents and my vision in one setting. That's the biggest accomplishment for me. I've created dozens upon dozens of songs, verses, hooks, melodies, arrangements, and a new sound that is unlike all else. I'm ready to show everyone my energy.

Arts Enthusiast